The Signal is an item that directs the player to significant parts of the map.

Uses Editar

By using the Signal, the player is notified of a land mass, entrances to caves, biomass or a heat signature. The nature and the exact distance to the object are displayed in the top left corner of the HUD, and a visual blip similar to the one of the escape pod is displayed on the screen. It seems that each Signal is bound to a single object.

When the white cross is displayed as a placeholder, and in players hand, you can click the RMB to get update in distance to arrival locations while you swimming multiple times. The text will appear in the top left corner.

Current state Editar

At the moment, the Signal does not have a proper texture; instead, the player holds a huge white cross in their hands. An item symbol, however, exists. The Signal takes up one inventory slot.

The Signal cannot be crafted and the only natural way to obtain it is to find it among the random items contained in supply crates.

You can also use the debug console command "ITEM SIGNAL" to spawn a random Signal to your inventory.

There is a bug that will cause the Signal to display an additional blip quite close to the escape pod.


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