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The Radiation Suit is a piece of equipment that prevents damage from radiation. It can be crafted using the fabricator.

It consists of three parts, namely the Radiation Suit itself, the Radiation Gloves, as well as the Radiation Helmet. These three parts are all added to the inventory when the player crafts the Radiation Suit in the fabricator.

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Currently, the Radiation Suit is the only way to survive after the Aurora's explosion, as radiation spreads very quickly. Therefore, it's very important to get a Radiation Suit as soon as possible.

The player is able to swap out parts of the Radiation Suit for other items, as for exaple the rebreather. However, for it to eliminate radiation damage completely, the player still needs to have all three parts equipped. Equpping other parts thus results in small amounts of radiation damage in exchange for whatever bonus the other items give.

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Markings on the arm indicate that the Radiation Suit has been designed or issued by the Alterra Corporation. Similar markings can be found on some tools in the game Natural Selection 2, which was also developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

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